Does Your Financial Advisor Make The GRADE?

What will This Quick Quiz Will Tell You About your Advisor:
If you’re reading this, you’re probably checking up on your advisor, or looking for an advisor you can trust. One who really knows what they’re doing, and one who puts you and your family first.
Finding an advisor with just one of these traits can be hard, and one with both can be impossible.

How can you tell? Run our exclusive calculator, designed by an academic researcher specializing in advisor quality. Learn to measure:
  • Are they a true fiduciary?
  • Can they bait with fiduciary and switch to high, hidden commissions?
  • Do they have the education they need to be true experts?
  • ​How do they charge, and is it fair?
  • ​Do their services cover all you need, like tax, estate, and retirement?
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